Esther + Rudolf Guyer - Switzerland
Secondary School Stettbach, Zürich
Dübendorfstrasse 158, Zürich
1964 - 1967

For the still young architects couple Esther and Rudolf Guyer, the secondary school Stettbach was an important building. Firstly, it was the first invited study for their office, which they were actually able to win, and secondly they could deepen their continued enthusiasm for Le Corbusier. In particular, the building relates to the recently completed monastery of La Tourette. The Stettbach Secondary School, located in the in Zurich city district Schwamendingen, is positioned on a site that slopes upwards to the south. It overcomes this drawback by having a protective north tract with two wings extending southwards. The access from the heavy traffic Dübendorfstrasse is made by vast stairs leading up to a covered passagway leading to the courtyard. The large lobby in the north-east corner of the court is illuminated by an impressive skylight. The exterior of the entire building is marked by the rough concrete as carrying construction. On the interior the spaces are characterized by exposed brickwork.