Esther + Rudolf Guyer - Switzerland

The Swiss architects Rudolf and Esther Guyer have worked for together for more thant forty years and have set various accents with their buildings.
Their remarkable oevre is characterized by a diversity of forms and a wide range of building types.
Esther and Rudolf Guyer had met each other in 1950 at the beginning of their studies at the ETH in Zurich. They studied at a time when the curriculum was conservative
and less than 70 students per semester were allowed. Therefore bot of them were attracted by the idea to explore the current architectural scene on their own.
Crucial for the formation of Esther and Rudolf Guyer was an internship year in Rome (1953) and the following emigration to the USA three years later.
There they lived and worked initially in Columbus, Ohio, and then from 1958 to 1959 in New York. During a stay in Switzerland in 1959 Rudolf and Esther Guyer took part
in the competition for the Genius Barracks in Bremgarten, along with Manuel Pauli and August Volland. The success in winning the first prize led to the establishment of
their own office in Zurich. In the following four decades, the office participated in 160 competitions and realized 180 buildings.

1965  School Building Fondli - Dietikon