Haefeli Moser Steiger - Switzerland
Apartment Buildings Hohenbühl
Hohenbühlstrasse 2 - 8, Zürich
1950 - 1953

This residential project designed by Haefeli Moser Steiger is arranged in a park-like villa plot, measuring about 7,000 square meters, and located in a privileged situation
in Zurich-Hottingen.
After the demolition of the old villa, there should be created apartments in the greens which are still within walking distance from the city center.
At the request of the owners and the municipal authorities, the park atmosphere and the trees should be preserved wherever possible. Mainly due to studies
made by Werner M. Moser the architects argued for a solution in deviation of the applicable building code. Instead of an edificaten according to the zoning laws,
 allowing several three-story buildings, they proposed two four to five-story constructions, which claimed only two-thirds of the lawful utilization.
The responsible use of the green space convinced the city authorities so that the necessary special permit could be issued.

As in previous projects by Haefeli Moser Steiger from the mid-1940s, the double-angled structures allowed a smooth integration into the topography of the hill
and the best possible orientation of the apartments towards the south and towards the views. On this side there are all living rooms and bedrooms, which are connected
with the surrounding park by balconies and large windows. The angles of the buildings are used to the advantage of the apartments by the diagonally arranged living rooms
 in the 2- to 5-bedroom apartments, which create clever zonings and differentiated spatial references. Through their pentagonal geometry these flats receive a refinement,
elegance and spaciousness which is even increased in the largest apartment, located on the top floor. In this apartment two mirror-symmetrical living rooms are combined
to create a hexagon plan with free standing fireplace as a room divider and with double exit to the terrace on both sides. On the north side there are the kitchens,
bathrooms, storage rooms, and the house entrances, which provide access to the apartments via a staircase. The 1- to 2-room apartments in the extended wing
of the lower building are accessed by a portico, whose level has been lowered by a few steps, so that the adjacent rooms 
can not be viewed.

With the residential buildings on the Hohenbühlstrasse the architects Haefeli Moser Steiger
succeeded to show how to deal with the increasing demand
for centrally located living possibilities. They demonstrated how to take advantage of the villa plots between Kreuzplatz and Riesbach, respecting modern
urban planning criterias, developed and used in a sensible and sensitive way. This building was awarded the prize for good buildings in the city of Zurich
in 1954.
In the years 2001/02 the kitchens and bathrooms of these buildings have been restored in consultation with heritage conservation. Unfortunately, the homeowner in advance
replaced the originally green windows on the south by white plastic windows, whereby the original expression of the building is severely disrupted.