Roland Hegnauer - Switzerland
Gymnasium Commercial School
Bahnhofstrasse 46, Aarau
1987 - 1989

The gymnasiums designed by Roland Hegnauer are located near the Aarau Train Station. Located on a parcel at the Bahnhofstrasse,
this construction is situated in the rear area of the plot. The long and low volume is running in parallel to the railway lines.
The longitudinal elevations are heavily glazed, while the short sides of the building are completely closed and clad with sheet metal.
The building is featured in the Guide to Swiss Architecture, where it is described als followed:

"The difficult task of accomodating 3 large gymnasiums in a confined situation due to existing buildings
led to spatial layering and an unusual structural solution. Owing to the heavy loads imposed upon
the intermediate floor by the gymnastic activities, the roof loads are transmitted longitudinally by a steel frame
along the 56 m long upper halls, and via the corners to the base. the arched trusses are restrained in
the horizontal plane by vertical bracing within the fašades."