Hofmann Kellermüller - Apartment Buildings Zurlindenstrasse
Hofmann & Kellermüller - Switzerland
Cooperative Apartment Building ABZ
Zurlinden-, Eschenwies, Gertrudstrasse, Zürich
1931 - 1932

The kindergarten and the residential blocks of the ABZ cooperative form a finely attuned architectural ensemble
within the context of the perimeter block development of the 1890s. These designs belong to the best known projects
of Hofmann & Kellermüller in the city of Zurich. Today, the kindergarten belongs to the most important modern buildings in Zurich.
The kindergarten, with its innovative design fulfilled the most modern didactic and hygienic requirements of its time.

The two conventionally designed common-access dwellings are primarily oriented towards the northeasterly L-shaped park area
and the kindergarten. The façade is marked by the succession of protruding and recessing areas. The recessed areas are occupied
by the balconies, which are protected from the views of the neighbours. The flat roof considerably projects over the façade,
and is part of the building termination as well as a closed area which appears larger than expected.