Denis Honegger - Switzerland

Denis Honegger (13.10.1907 - 27.08.1981) was a Swiss architect who worked in Paris for several years. He was born on October 13, 1907
as the son of an engineer in Adrianopel, today Edirne. After graduating from schools in Zurich, he attended to the École des Beaux Arts in 1923.
In 1924 he became a student of Auguste Perret and worked at the Atelier du Palais de Bois in Paris, only two years later he worked for the rival Le Corbusier in Geneva.
From 1927-1932 Denis Honegger worked as construction supervisor for Auguste Perret, then for Baudoin & Lods in Paris. In 1934 Denis Honegger founded
his own office in Paris, and in 1937 he launched an office community with Fernand Dumas in Freiburg. Between 1943 and 1946 he taught as a professor at
the Ecole d'Architecture in Geneva and at the technical school in Freiburg. After 1945 he again had an office in Paris. Honegger's main work is
the University
Miséricorde in Freiburg , built from 1937 to 1942 in collaboration with Fernand Dumas and the engineers Alexandre Sarrasin,
Henri Gicot and Beda Hefti. This construction triggered different reactions with its skeleton construction in exposed concrete.

1949 - 1952  Institut de Physique - Geneva
Apartment Buildings Pantin - Paris