Peter Kunz - Switzerland
Apartment Building
Haldenstrasse 74 - 76, Winterthur
1995 - 1997

This three-storey apartment building is located in a park-like gaden in Winterthur. The building was carefully positioned on its parcel.
This precise setting made it possible to retain as many of the old trees as possible. With the exception of the new construction, the hillside
remained unchanged. The steep topography of the terrain is emphasized by the protrusion of the building, which projects above the retaining walls
of a garage. This building layout gives a special experience to the apartments, which are in a very direct relationship to the dense nature of the environment.
Comparabel to a tree house, the residents live in between the treetops and enjoy an intense experience of the seasons and seasonal light conditions.
This direct relationship to the exterior space gives a spacious impression to the rather small apartments. The exterior of the building consists mainly of
wooden slats and is marked by windows in different measurements.