Peter Kunz - Switzerland
Apartment Buildings Weidterrassen
Landenbergstrasse 50 - 84, Winterthur
2010 - 2012

The residential complex Weidterrassen, designed by the architect Peter Kunz, consists of six identical terrace houses that are lined up along a neighborhood street.
The buildings are located in a preferred residential area on a hillside above the city of Winterthur. The buildings are carefully embedded into the surrounding terrain.
A first terracing of the steep hillside plot is made by concrete walls which run parallel to the level curves. The building volumes are disposed on these concrete walls at
right angles to the slope. The fašade of these buildings is covered with wooden slats, and dominated by some quite large windows. Each building contains three apartments
above the common garage. An elevator serves as interior connection giving directly into the apartments. From the outside the access to the apartments is made
by stairs which are integrated into the environment. The layout of the ensemble allows private gardens for each dwelling unit. Each apartment unfolds on one level
around a central core. This central core separates the day and night zones of the flat from each other.