Liechti Graf Zumsteg - Switzerland

The Swiss architectural office Liechti Graf Zumsteg was founded in 1992 by Peggy Liechti, Andreas Graf and Lukas Zumsteg.
As owners they run the company, which is located in Brugg. Together with around 20 employees,
Liechti Graf Zumsteg are planning and realizing
public buildings, administrative complexes and residential buildings. They are also regularly asked to work as members of the jury of architectural competitions.
Andreas Graf is a lecturer in design and construction at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
Hitherto their most important works include the Cantonal Library of Baselland, the meeting center Königsfelden, the administration building in Zollikofen,
the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich in Rheinau and the Raiffeisen Bank in Untersiggenthal.
The buildings by Liechti Graf Zumsteg were repeatedly published and received several awards.

2008  Operations Building IBB Group - Brugg-Windisch