Marti & Kast - Switzerland

Hans Marti (1913-1993) is one of the most important pioneers of the systematic local and regional planning in the 20th century.
His commitment was for a comprehensive attitude towards urban development, respecting manyfold aspects, whether technical, economic, psychological or political.

Hans Marti derived the demands on urban development from the needs of a "healthy" people - in all its phases of life.

He strived for a balance between the interests of capital and human needs, as he wrote in an article in the Swiss Bauzeitung from 1961.
"Urban Design - humanly speaking - needs space," he writes, "space for individuals, for families, the children and for the community."
His concern was not only the basic need of housing and the provision of housing for the most diverse individual lifestyles.
He was also concerned that the possibilities of life in the immediate environment were to meet the diverse needs of different generations.

In his considerations, the planning of nurseries, kindergartens and day care centers was self-evident and the enforcement unproblematic.
In his eyes the needs of the adolescent youth were generally insufficiently taken into account.

1972 - 1974  Residential Area Telli - Aarau