Miller Maranta - Switzerland

Miller & Maranta is a Swiss architectural firm based in Basel. After collaborating on several projects since 1989 the architects Quintus Miller and Paola Maranta started
the firm cooperation
in their joint office in 1994. While studying architecture at ETH Zurich in the design studio of Fabio Reinhart and Miroslav Šik they came in contact
with the so-called analogous architecture, affected by Aldo Rossi. The built work such as the Volta Schoolhouse Basel, the Market Hall in Aarau,
the residential building Schwarzpark in Basel, the restoration and expansion of Villa Garbald in Castasegna or the Old Hospice on the Gotthard pass was widely published.
They won several national architectural awards, and their works was presented in numerous national and international exhibitions.

1996 - 2000  Volta School Building - Basel
1996 - 2002  Market Hall - Aarau
2001 - 2004  Apartment Building Schwarzpark - Basel
2001 - 2004  Villa Garbald, Castasegna
2005 - 2010  Ospizio San Gottardo, Passo San Gottardo
2005 - 2006  Residence for Elderly People "Spiragarten" - Zürich
2005 - 2009  Spa Samedan
2005 - 2013  Residence and Hamam Patumbah-Park - Zürich
2013 - 2018  Kindergarten - Riehen