Werner M. Moser - Switzerland

Werner Max Moser (07.16.1896 - 08.19.1970) was a Swiss architect and professor at the ETH Zurich. As the son of the famous architect Karl Moser, he was born in Karlsruhe.
He began his career in 1916 when he started studying architecture with his father Karl Moser at the ETH Zurich. After graduating with a diploma in 1921,
he completed an internship in Rotterdam and then worked in the office of Frank Lloyd Wright in the USA. This period, when he was working with the american grandmaster,
were crucial for his professional career. In 1926 he returned to Switzerland, where he started to work in his father's office. There he designed his first furnitures.
From 1928 onwards Werner Max Moser worked as an architect on his own in Zurich. In 1937 Werner Max Moser joined forces together with his colleagues Max Ernst Haefeli and Rudolf Steiger,
founding their joint office Haefeli, Moser, Steiger (HMS). Originaly the three met while studying at the ETH under Karl Moser. HMS was able to celebrate great successes,
and was involved
in many important buildings in Switzerland. In 1958 he was appointed a full professor at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. Moser remained for five years at the ETH.

1936 - 1942  Lutheranean Church and Parish Centre - Zurich Altstetten