Jacques Schader - Switzerland
School Building Freudenberg
Gutenbergstrasse 15, Zürich
1956 - 1960

The school building Freudenberg is located in a park, which was acquired by the canton zurich with the intention to erect the first high school on city ground since 1909.
The competition was won by Jacques Schader with an exceptional project. Max Allenspach, the headmaster of the future high school, developed into a truly congenial
partner with respect to an innovative and strog school concept. Two long wings are layed along the hilltop, so that the flat roofs formed a large terrace.
On top of this architectonically defined plateau lie two large volumes. The light flooded rooms are one of the main characteristic of the building.
The rooms are large and have tall windows - whenever possible, the rooms are naturally lit from two sides.

The Freudenberg School is considered to be one of the most important works of Swiss architecture in the second half of the 20th century.
Since 1987 the building is a listed monument. In the years 1993-2000 the building was extensively refurbished.