Von Ballmoos Krucker - Switzerland
Administrativ Building Kohledreieck
Remisenstrasse 7, Zürich
2010 - 2012

The administrative building Kohlendreieck is the result of an architectural competition, announced by the Swiss Railway Company SBB. Von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten won the competition in 2006 and received the commission to construct the building. The building was realized between 2010 and 2012. The design is particularly influenced by the relatively small parcel of explicitly irregular shape with difficult access routes. The building is located in a triangle between railway tracks which are joined in front of the building. Access to the building is made by a bridge. The new building was moved close to the existing building of historical significance. This layout allowed for a functional connection without a constructed connection. The volume of the new building was made very compact so as not to detract from the existing building. The volume of the upper floors is cantilevered above the base in two directions at different heights. The facade design is of an emphasized abstracion.