Von Ballmoos Krucker - Switzerland
Residential Estate Triemli, Zürich
Birmensdorfer-/Triemlistrasse, Kellerweg
2006 - 2011

The cooperative housing development Triemli is the result of an architectural competition, which was decided in favor of the Zurich based architects von Ballmoos Krucker in 2006. The site is located at the edge of the Zurich city district Albisrieden, close to the municipal hospital called Triemli. Towards the north and southeast the perimeter is bounded by streets, giving an urban character to the site, but at the same time causing a high noise exposure. The third side of the plot is adjacent to the existing settlement from the 1940s. The nearly 200 new apartments form an important part of the renewal of the cooperative Sonnengarten. Designed as a large figure the new buildings line up with the tradition of large-scale constructions in this district. The kinks and height graduations allow the scheme to be well integrated into the the urban environment, so that the large-scale buildings appear gently placed into the body of the city. The shape of the volumes emphasizes the topography between the so-called Üetliberg and city. The new buildings limit the Triemliplatz and consolidate the urban expansion city. At the same time the buildings shield the semipublic courtyard from the street noise.
The façade made of dark varnished concrete elements emphasizes the urban character. The orientation of the buildings and the dimension of the courtyard space allow all apartments to relate to the Üetliberg as well as the city. Therefore each apartment has a hall-like living-dining room with two sided orientation.