Von Ballmoos Krucker - Switzerland
School Building Wyden, Winterthur
Espenstrasse 16, Winterthur
2008 - 2011

In 2008 Von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten won the competition for the school building Wyden in Winterthur Wülflingen. The building was realized in the years 2010 - 2011 in a general contractor method. The site for the school building develops along the river Töss between Espenstrasse and Wydenstrasse. A gently sloping topography results in a building which devolps according to the terrain at three different levels. The staggered structure communicates with the height difference between the Espenstrasse and Wydenstrasse. The volumetrics of the school building follow
the cours of the slope from the south to the north and allow an attractive arrangement of the exterior spaces. Playground, hard court and grass pitch are located at different levels and have their own spatial qualities. The articulation of the volume also allows an attractive arrangement of the rooms and the internal circulation spaces. All facilities like the double gymnasium, staff room, music hall, the classrooms and the caretaker apartment are arranged in separate building wings. The school building is accessed by three entrances. The main entrance is located towards the Espenstrasse, a second enctrance giving access to the gym, the evening usages and the day nursery is on the lower level at the Wydenstrasse. A third access to the northwest connects to all-weather pitch. The central access zones connect the three wings. The corridor is designed with spatial extensions, resulting in attractive recreation areas with views to the exterior and well light exposure. A centrally located main staircase is complemented by two additional stairs, whereby operational separation is possible. The building envelope is made of polyester plates.