Peter Zumthor - Switzerland
Caplutta Sogn Benedetg
1985 - 1988

The Caplutta Sogn Benedetg, designed by Peter Zumthor, is one of the buildings, which constitutes the base for the fame of the architect. In the year 1994, the chapel belonged to the buildings winning an award ffor excellent buildings in Grisons.
The chapel, bordering a path, is located in steep terrain slightly above a village called Sumvitg. The topography is flowing freely around the building, which shows a tower-like appearance from below. Next to the building is
arranged a simple wooden framework carrying the bells. A filigree cross adorns the highest point of the roof. The building is made entirely of wood, which is the traditional building material in the region. The outer skin is made of handcrafted wood shingles. The high interior space is lit by a row of narrow windows in the upper area. The plan shape awakens various associations, from a boat, to an eye or to a leaf of a tree. The building tries to give a feeling of security and to enable meetings in concentration.