Kohn Pedersen Fox - Heron Tower London
Kohn Pedersen Fox - USA
Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate, London
2005 - 2011

The tallest building in the City of London upon its completion, Heron Tower represents a new generation of office tower, with highly flexible space organized around a series of office “villages” with a triple-height atrium at the heart of each.
Unlike the earlier generation of tall buildings in the City whose monolithic forms are mute within their urban context, Heron Tower is a transparent and articulate structure, tempering growing urban concerns associated with construction, operation and maintenance through the integration of innovative technology to promote environmental responsibility.
From the Bishopsgate approach, the building provides a marker to the northern edge of the city core. The face of the building reveals the organization within, its richly textured northern elevation displaying the internal stacked atria. A slender lift core is animated by the movement of glazed lift cars. To the east and west, a highly transparent ventilated fašade creates an energy-efficient enclosure.
At its base, Heron Tower enhances the pedestrian experience with restaurants, public space and transparency, while at its top, a popular restaurant activates the skyline and provides public access to views of the city.
(Text: Kohn Pedersen Fox)