Otto Wagner - Austria
Majolica House
Linke Wienzeile 40, Vienna

The buildings of the so-called "Wienzeilenhäuser" form a sequence of three buildings composed as an urban corner situation.
These buildings by Otto Wagner are considered to be important representants of the Vienna Art Nouveau at the turn of the century.
The River Vienna had just been regulated, and Otto Wagner had the vision of a splendid boulevard between Karlsplatz and Schönbrunn.
As in many of his projects, Otto Wagner was his own client, so that he was able to follow his own artistic intentions.
In the work of Otto Wagner, these buildings are considered to be the important break with historism. A break which had been anounced
already by his buildings on Rennweg. Instead of exuberant decoration prevails a plan design in these buildings.
At the time of construction these buildings were considered to be modern and cosmopolitan examples of home cultivation,
because of the sobre layout and the integration of elevators.

The famous Majolica House was errected in 1898. The facede is completely revetted in glased tiles by the Wienerberger company.
The tiles are adorned with floral motives which were designed by the Otto Wagner disciple Alois Ludwig. The tiles are weatherproof,
washable and easy to maintain - representing Otto Wagner's consideration of hygiene as an important attribute of modernity.