Otto Wagner - Austria

Otto Koloman Wagner (13.07.1841 – 11.04.1918) is well known for his lasting impact on his home town Vienna. He had a mayor influence on the appearance of the city,
by contributing several buildings of various functions. With his later works, Otto Wagner became some kind of forerunner of modern architecture. In 1894 Otto Wagner
Professor of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 1896 Otto Wagner published a textbook entitled "Modern Architecture". In this book he expressd
his ideas about the role of the architect. He proposed the us of new materials and new forms as a reaction to the fact that society itself was changing.
Otto Wagner became famous for his urban rail network for Vienna, as well as for the building of the Postal Savings Bank.

1873  Apartment and Commercial Building Grabenhof - Vienna
1877  Apartment Building Schottenring - Vienna
1882  Apartment Building Stadiongasse - Vienna
1887  Aparment Building Universitätsstrasse - Vienna
1894  Apartment and Commercial Building Ankerhof - Vienna
1898  Apartment and Commercial Building "Majolica House" - Vienna
1898  Apartment and Commercial Building Linke Wienzeile 38 - Vienna
1899  Metropolitan Railway Station Karlsplatz - Vienna
1903  Postal Savings Bank - Vienna
1906  Schützenhaus Donaukanal - Vienna
1909  Apartment Building Neustiftgasse - Vienna
1911  Apartment Building Döblergasse - Vienna