Dominikus Böhm - Germany
Dominikus Böhm House
Auf dem Römerberg 25, Cologne
1931 - 1932

The house Dominikus Böhm is located in the Cologne garden suburb Marienburg. The L-shaped building is covered with a gentle sloping gabled roof.
The roof has only a minor protrusion over the exterior walls. The functions of living and working take place on three levels. Facing the street,
the house shows a restrained appearance with its modest, two-storey north side. The secondary and service spaces are located in this area.
On the garden side the building opens with large glass areas to the south and appears much more open. This garden elevation shows three stories.
In a lower basement was located the studio of Dominikus Böhm. In front of this studio is a big and lowered so-called flower-court containing a small basin.
An external staircase connects to the residential floor with terrace, winter garden, kitchen, living and dining room. On the second floor are the bedroom
of the parents, children and guests, as well as the bathrooms. The rooms of the children were all interconnected.

The Böhm House in Marienburg is largely of a cubic formulation. The building components have been reduced to the essentials and clear lines characterize
the appearance. The exterior walls are plastered smooth and white. The irregularly distributed windows
of various vertical and horizontal formats with their
black-painted steel casements
are mounted flush with the exterior surface.
Apart from minor changes in the plan the house is largely preserved in its original state. In 1948 Gottfried Böhm added asingle-storey wing for the studio
and the workshop for
model making. Today the architectural firm of the Böhm family is still located in this building.