Dominikus Böhm - Germany
Church St. Franziskus
Franziskusstrasse 5, Mönchengladbach
1929 - 1933

Three years after the start of planning, Dominikus Böhm got the opportunity to realize his design for the St.Franziskus Church. The building was built on a trapezoidal plot
on a street corner in the district Rheydt-Geneicken in the city Mönchengladbach. This church is a T-shaped brick building with an attached low aisle.
A trapezoidal forecourt is included in the composition. The nave joins
with the transept, shifted out of the center. The transept consists of the choir, the sacristy
and the corner tower. The nave is covered by a gentle sloped gabled roof. The other building parts show also gentle sloping pitch roofs. Nave and transept
have the same height for ridge and eave, so that they seem to merge. A few scattered windows of different shapes and grouping break up the otherwise
smooth and hermetic brick facade. The large rose window in the gable of the nave is impressive. The interior of the church was originally plastered white and barren.
Due to the enlargement and the additional installation of stained glass windows, the space underwent significant changes.