Dominikus Böhm - Germany
Church St. Engelbert Essen
Fischerstrasse 2 - 4
1953 - 1955

In 1933 Dominikus Böhm received  a direct commission from the parish council for a new church, which should replace the eclectic predecessor building without a tower.
The design by Dominikus Böhm was for a three-aisled basilica with a transept to the east and a semicircular apse. The western façade with its twin towers
and the giant but delicate rose window of 9m diameter, gave the building its fortified look. During World War II the church was heavily damaged and subsquently
rebuilt by Dominikus Böhm in the period between 1953 and 1955. The reconstructed building is of a much reduced and simplified form. The west transept was omitted
and only one lateral aisle was rebuilt again. The length of the church was reduced in favor of a larger forecourt.

The last church service was held
on January 27 2008, after a restructuring in the parishes of the Ruhr diocese. As there were no longer sufficient financial resources available
for the St.Engelbert church, a new and worthy function for the listed building was searched. With some renovation work, taking
the monument protection into account, the church
became the cultural center, and is now maintained by the choir club forum. On September 11 2011 the official reopening took place.