Ignazio Gardella - Italy

Working as an Architect and Designer, Ignazio Gardella (30.03.1905 - 15.03.1999) graduated in 1928 from the Milan Politecnico as an engineer.
In 1949 he achieved his degree in architecture from the IUAV (Venice). Born into a family of achitects, Ignazio Gardella had a long and successfull career,
which started even befor his graduation in the late 1920s. His first works were made in cooperation with his father Arnaldo Gardella and his own office was
founded in the year 1931.
Together with Magistretti, Rogers and De Carlo he took part in the last CIAM Congress in Otterlo (1959). From 1962 to 1975, Ignazio Gardella was an
active teacher at the University of Venice (IUAV).
Ignazio Gardella belongs to the italian rationalst movement, even if he was never dogmatic and some of his works are even considered to be heretic.
In his differentiated attitude he realized one of the most important exampls of the italian rationalism: the anti-tuberculosis clinic in Alessandria (1934-1938).
Already in this early work it's possible to recognize regional and traditional elements which depart from the rationalist language.
As a Designer Ignazio Gardella founded the Azucena company together with Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua
in 1947.
Serial production of the own designs woas the main goal of the Azucena company.

1947 - 1954  Padiglione d'Arte, Milano
1954 - 1958  Casa alle Zattere, Venice
1963 - 1994 
Palazzo di Giustizia, La Spezia
1975 - 1989  Facolta di Architettura, Genova