Giovanni & Lorenzo Muzio - Italy
Apartment & Office Building Torre Turati
Via Vilippo Turati 40, Milano
1963 - 1967

The Turati tower is considered to be one of the most significant works designed by the Studio Muzio in the post-war period.
This sleek high-rise construction is considered to be a remarkably modern late work of the neo-classicist Giovanni Muzio.
For the people coming from the Central Station the tower somehow represents the threshold to the historical centre of the city.
The Torre Turati was designed with complex building solutions.
The steel structure of the tower is clad with precast concrete elements.
The Turati tower not only reflects the renewed design method of the Studio Muzio, but also embodies the professional standards
that have always distinguished Giovanni Muzio's work.
On the ground floor are located several shops, above are the offices and in
the protruding upper floors are apartments. In the urban quarter around this building, you can visit two other works by Giovanni Muzio.