Giovanni Muzio - Italy

Giovanni Muzio (12.02.1893 21.05.1982) was an italien architect, who was closely associated with the italien fascist Novecento artists group.

In the year 1920, after service in World War I, Muzio began his professional practice. During his first professional years, he created the famous residential building
called the Ca'Brutta (ugly house) in Milan. The Ca'Brutta belongs to the best-known works of the Novecento movement. The five storie building with a rounded corner is patterned
with real and blind arches, and bands of color for each story. The building caused a scandal or at least a great sensation, as indicated by the name popularly given to it,
because of the almost extravagant use of the elements of the classical language.
Muzio was at odds both with the neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance eclecticism that still survived in Milan. So he proposed a return of classicism, reduced to pure volumes
and simple architectural elements, far from any eclectic historicism. His references are to be found in nineteenth-century Lombard neoclassicism.

He was a long time teacher at the Polytechnic of Turin and the Polytechnic University of Milan, until 1963.

1919 - 1922  Ca` Brutta, Milano
1934 - 1946  Casa dei Giornalisti, Milano
1935 - 1937  Case Bonaiti e Malugani, Milano
1939             Casa dei Giornalisti II, Milano
1939 - 1942  Angelicum, Milano
1963 - 1967  Apartment and Office Building Torre Turati, Milano
1964 - 1967  Apartment Building Isolato INA, Milano