Kenzo Tange - Japan
Fuji TV Headquarters Tokyo
4-8, Daiba 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Located on the artificial island of Odaiba, the Fuji TV Headquarters looks like a building from another epoch. Because of its extraordinary appearance,
the building became a inner-city tourist destination and serves as the most recognizable landmark building of Odaiba. This futuristic building is the headquarter
of a private TV channel. With its dimensions of 120 x 210 metres, it seems to be all superstructure, clad with large aluminium-plates. The main volumes of the headquarters are
two 25-storey towers which stand on a shared seven-storey base. The base contains the large TV studios, while the towers are occupied mainly by offices and smaller studios.
The space between the tower is constructed as a matrix of orthogonal structural grid of horizontal and vertical shafts which serve as communication channels, passages and vertical circulation.
So the two towers are connected by skywalks which are set in a rectangular superstructure. An apparently floating sphere, covered with titanium, occupies one of the voids of the skeleton.
Within this
ball-shaped volume are located on two floors an observation plattform and a restaurant. This arrangement results in a porous spatial composition which provides
ample connections to the surrounding of the new urban environment. The rooftop terrace on the base can be accessed publicly either through a cascade of escalators or by a giant stairway
which starts right underneath on of the elevated towers. The structure's gigantic frames are held in place by four rigid verticals and are clearly expressed on the facade.
The building is considered as the last major work of Kenzo Tange in Tokyo. The large structure displays elements of his previous Metabolist architecture from the 1960s.