Eduardo Souto de Moura - Portugal
"Uitzicht" Crematorium
Ambassadeur Baertlaan 5, Kortrijk
2005 - 2011

This project is the result of a competition announced by the Flemish government to build a new crematorium in an existing cemetery designed by Bernardo Sechi.
The brief asked for a rural crematorium building integrated with a burial site.
Eduardo Souto de Moura was able to win the commission in association with
local practice SumProject. According to Eduardo Souto de Moura the new crematory was intended to become an extremely sober and righteous building,
for a clear and dignified farewell. The architect interpreted his task as a matter of searching for calm and to achieve a peacful integration into the impressive
landscape of Hoog Kortrijk. The design for the Uitzicht crematorium is integrated into the cemetery, creating a serene place, that unfolds on the landscape,
with plateaus that slip rhythmically over the slope. The character of this place is mainly the result of its extension and vastness, maintaining vastitude and silence.
The new building of the crematorium is covered with earth and green plants as the surrounding landscape, becoming part of it.
This project incorporates congregation
spaces of different sizes and family rooms, together with service facilities including offices and the furnaces as well as associated technical rooms fundamental to
the working of the crematorium.