Eduardo Souto de Moura - Portugal

Known as one of the most prominent exponents of contemporary Portuguese Architecture, Eduardo Souto de Moura was born in Porto in 1952.
He is considered to be the third generation of the so-called Escola do Porto, a phenomenon which actually does't describe a school,
but the friendship between Fernando Tavora, Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura. Ever since his student days, Eduardo Souto de Moura
was a close associate and friend of Alvaro Siza, with whom he worked from 1975 until 1979. One year later he graduated from the Escola das Belas Artes
in Porto and started to work on his own. From 1981 to 1991 Eduardo Souto de Moura was an assistant professor in the Faculty of Architecture
in the University of Porto. Later he was teaching architecture in several other schools

Eduardo Souto de Moura was never interested in the globalisation of architectonic shapes, but has elaborated a contemporary vocabulary,
with a pronounced relation to the actual place. He successfully established architecture as an art form, and got wide international recognition
for his steady research process. His architecture was often described as a neo-Miesian, but Eduardo Souto de Moura constantly strives for originality.
He earned much praise for his exquisite use of materials - granite, marble, brick, steel, wood, concrete - often crafted in exceptional high qulity,
as well as his unexpected use of color. Already in his first works, which were designed and planned in the 1980s, Souto de Moura had a consistent approach.
He never adopted the trends of the moment, but developed his individual path during the height of postmodernism.

Many projects and buildings, ranging from small houses to the football stadium in Braga and high-rise buildings are evidence of an intense career.
In 2011 Eduardo Souto de Moura was honored with the Pritzker Prize award.

1981 - 1991  Casa das Artes (Cultural Centre) - Porto
1989 - 1994  Department of Geology of the University of Aveiro - Aveiro
1991 - 2007  Office and Trade Buildings Burgo - Porto
1992 - 1995  Apartment Building Rua do Teatro - Porto
1992 - 2002  Row Houses Pasteleira, Porto
1993 - 1999  Courtyard Houses - Matosinhos
1994 - 2001  Apartment Building Praça de Liège - Porto
1997 - 2001 
Apartment and Office Building in Maia - Porto
1997 - 2005  Metro - Porto
1998 - 2003  Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira - Porto
1999 - 2010  Conversion of the Municipal Market - Braga
2000 - 2004  Braga Municipal Stadium - Braga
2005 - 2011  Crematorium "Uitzicht" - Kortrijk (Belgium)