Bünzli Courvoisier - Switzerland

The architectural office Bünzli & Courvoisier originated from a study acquaintance at the ETH Zurich.
Bünzli and Simon Courvoisier met each other when studying under Hans Kollhoff and Inès Lamunière.
At the time, Alain Roserens was the third man working with them. Later Alain Roserens established an office with Lorenz Baumann.
For the first time the architects were noticed by a wider professional public, when they won the competition for the schoolhouse on the Schütze-Areal.
But already before they had won the competition for the government building in Stans.
Without experience the architectural office started the further development of the won competition for the school building,
and at the same time the three architects graduated under Hans Kollhoff in 1994 respectively 1995.
The schoolhouse on the Schütze-Areal has not been realized. As a result, the ways of Alain Roserens and Bünzli & Courvoisier separated.
The architects have won various competitions in Switzerland, in 2006 they were even able to celebrate remarkable five successes in six competitive participations.

2004 - Cooperative Apartment Buildings Hagenbuchrain - Zürich
2008 - School Building Oelwiese - Thalwil
2013 - Cooperative Apartment Buildings Schaffhauserstrasse - Zürich
2015 - Apartment Building Landolt Areal - Zürich