Hans Hofmann - Switzerland

Hans Hofmann (08.04.1897-25.12.1957) was a Swiss architect and university lecturer at the ETH Zurich. He spent his childhood in Zurich.
After finishing the regular school in 1917, Hans Hofmann initially began to study medicine at the University.
He dropped out after one semester, as he did when studying at the School of Applied Arts. From 1918 - 1922 followed the studies of architecture at the ETH,
graduating under Karl Moser. During a semester abroad in Stuttgart, he studied with Paul Bonatz. After a job in Berlin (1922-1925) at Mebes & Emmerich,
he opened his own architectural office in Zurich in 1925. About three years later, in 1928 he entered into a partnership with Adolf Kellermüller. Their joint office
Kellermüller & Hofmann was mainly active in housing, settlements and in prototype building for exhibitions, and received international attention.
The architectural firm
quickly made a name in terms of building for the subsistence or the cooperative building through the design of two housing estates.
The settlement Stadtrain in Winterthur, consisting of two-storey portico houses in line construction, as well as the cross detached buildings of another cooperative.
Both projects were then perceived as unconventional residential building types for greatest possible cost savings, offering at the same time good usable floor plans.
Simultaneously, Hans Hofmann also developed his own projects, soon becoming a specialist for exhibition architecture, testified by the Swiss exhibition at the 1929 World Expo Barcelona.
In addition to several other large national exhibitions this activity culminated in his appointment as chief architect of the Swiss National Exhibition in 1939.
From 1937 to 1939 he was chief architect of the Swiss National Exhibition in Zurich and was responsible for the coordination of two dozen architectural firms.
In 1939 he became an honorary member of the Architectural Association London. The University of Zurich awarded him an honorary doctorate
in 1940.
Hans Hofmann was appointed Professor of Architecture and Design at the ETH Zurich in 1941. As a result, he gave up the joint office with Adolf Kellermüller
and focused on his teaching. Only in the late 1940s and in the 1950s, he again received commissions for larger construction projects.

1928 - 1993  Kindergarten House Wiedikon - Zürich