Miller Maranta - Switzerland
Spa Samedan
San Bastiaun 3, Samedan
2005 - 2009

The new building of the spa, designed by Miller & Maranta in the village center of Samedan directly adjoins the rear wall of the baroque church.
The church, however, remains the most important building on the village square, conditioned by history and significance. At the same time the building
tries to cope with the importance of a public baths building
through the architectural shape in the context of traditional buildings in Samedan.
The finely tuned materialization and the scale of the construction allow the building to be
carefully integrated into the existing structure of the village.
The volumetrically differentiated design of the building gives the building character and autonomy within its context. On the exterior, the construction
appears as a rendered volume with windows cut deep into the walls. Some of the windows are marked by frames made of colourful tiles,
representing materials and colours of the interior bath spaces.

The actual bathing rooms are staggered in height and chamber-like arranged. This layout allowed an appropriate size and configuration of the spaces
in relation to its usages. The space of the warm bath,
sunlit through various skylights and featuring a great ceiling height, is located on the first floor.
The same storey contains the spaces for the various massage services and the whirlpool bath. On the floor above is the large hot bath, which reaches
up to the roof and allows views of the fascinating mountain world of the Engandin region through
a large window. Adjacent to it are a scented bath and a smaller cold bath.
On the second floor, the massage rooms are complemented by a larger, multi-cell, relaxation zone, with a view of the surrounding mountains. The staircase
continues to the attic, with direct access to the outside bathroom. A furnished roof terrace with comfortable lounge chairs allows
to enjoy a sun bath in the summer.