Jacques Schader - Switzerland

Jacques Schader (03.04.1917 - 19.01.2007) was a highly respected Swiss architect of postwar modernism. Through his work, he received a lot of public attention
and recognition in professional publications. Yet his name remains strongly linked with his masterpiece, the school building Freudenberg in Zurich Enge.
This building was referred to in the press as Acropolis of Zurich.

After high school education and one-year studies at the University of Applied Arts Basel followed two years of professional activity with the interior architect August Baur.
Jacques Schader studied architecture from 1939-1943 at ETH Zurich. He founded his own office in 1946, after he winning the competition for a women's clinic of the
Zurich Cantonal Hospital together with his fellow students Oskar Burri and Otto Glaus. However, this design could not be realized. In the years 1948-53 Schader was the editor
of the newly founded journal Bauen + Wohnen.

Schader initially built some houses, administrative and industrial buildings. In 1954 he won the competition for the cantonal school Freudenberg, his architectural masterpiece.
With 1400 students, the building was the first construction of a gymnasium since 1909 in Zurich. With the designated rector, Max Allenspach, Jacques Schader found a
congenial partner. They both collaborated in the conceptional work for the vision of a transparent, open and light-flooded school.

Since 1960 Jacques Schader was a full professor at the ETH. So he worked alongside his teaching activities in various fields. He was active in research and as a consultant
and juror in competitions. He created numerous and big buildings, including the apprenticeship training center of Brown, Boveri & Cie in 1982 and his last work,
a residential complex in Spreitenbach 1987-1992.

1956 - 1960  School Building Freudenberg - Zürich
1964 - 1973  Parish Building Aussersihl - Zürich