Klas Anshelm - Sweden
Lunds Stadshall (Town Hall Lund)
Stortorget 9, Lund
1961 - 1964

The town hall of the small Swedish town Lund was built according to a design by the swedish architect and artist Klas Anshelm. The building is located at the main square of Lund, and forms an ensemble togehter with the rebuilt older Rådhuset, which is of a classicist design. This ensemble constitutes the distinguished eastern flank of the Stortorget. The Town Hall Lund by Klas Anshelm is the result of an invited competition with a number of renowned architects. The building houses a concert hall and a session where the Lund City Council holds its meetings. This building contrasts with the usually classical floor plans drawn by Klas Anshelm. The construction rises above an triangular plan with clipped corners. The auditorium of a mandorla shape is placed within this triangle, surrounded by foyers, and rising above the roof line of the main volume. The foyes are generously glazed,and offer vast vistas of the city. The building was changed only little over the years, perhaps the most unfortunate alteration is the thickening of the porch roof.