Klas Anshelm - Sweden

Klas Anshelm (04.02.1914 - 06.05.1980) was a Swedish architect and artist. He studied architecture at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg under Melchior Wärnstedt and Sigurd Lewerentz. After his graduation in 1940 he worked with the architect Hans Westman in Lund and joined the architectural firm Wejke & Odeen in Stockholm four years later. In this office, Klas Anshelm was responsible for the expansion of the campus of the University of Lund. In 1947 Klas Anshelm opened his own architectural firm in Lund. Initially he was specialized in the architecture of industrial and scientific buildings. He received substantial orders from the Universities of Gothenburg and Lund. All his life Klas Anshelm pursued an architecture known as Danish functionalism, which is related to the architecture of Kay Fisker. The largest building by Klas Anshelm in this style was the 9-storey office building for the Sydkraft AB. The vast majority of Klas Anshelms architecture can be found in Lund, in particular in the buildings of the university. The Lunds Konsthall, the Lunds Stadshall and the Malmö Konsthall are considered to be his main works. In addition to the honorary doctorate from the University of Lund, Klas Anshelm has received numerous awards during his lifetime for his work: in 1974 he received the Kasper Salin Award and in 1978 he was awarded the Swedish Prince Eugen Medal.

1955 - 1970 
Medicinarberget - Göteborg
1955 - 1957  Medicinarbibliotek - Göteborg
1961 - 1964  Town Hall - Lund
1971 - 1973  Konsthall - Malmö