Burkhard Meyer - Switzerland

The founding of the architectural firm Burkhard Meyer by Urs Burkard and Adrian Meyer goes back to the year 1968.
Most of the planned or realized buidings by Burkhard Meyer are the results of won architectural competitions.
Apart from the usual activities of an architectural firm, Adrian Meyer has been long-term full professor at the ETH Zurich.
In the office, which is located in the small city of Baden about thirty employees work on competitions
and contracts throughout Switzerland and the near neighboring countries.
Over the years the office has changed and younger architects have been integrated as a partners.

1981 - 1984  Apartment- and Commercial Building Bahnhofstrasse - Baden
1989 - 1990  Apartment - and Office Building Martinsbergstrasse - Baden
1992 - 2000  Administrativ Building Theaterstrasse - Winterthur
1998 - 2003  Apartment Buildings Martinsbergstrasse - Baden
2001 - 2005  AZ Medien (Apartment and Comercial Building) - Aarau
2002 - 2006  Vocational School Bruggerstrasse - Baden
2003 - 2004  Rain Medical Centre - Aarau
2010 - 2015  Apartment Buildings Belétage - Baden