Peter Kunz - Switzerland

Peter Kunz was educated as a draftsman and then inscribed for a higher technical college. In 1987 he finished his studies, and subsquently got the opportunity to realize
an industrial building for the company Plastigum AG. After spending a year abroad in the United States, he founded his own architectural office in Winterthur in the year 1991.
Most of the time, the office consists of a small team of about 5 - 10 architects.
The architecture of Peter Kunz became particularly known for its stringent residential buildings. These are located mostly in development zones between urbanity and nature.
After 22 years Peter Kunz has founded the studio Strut together with some long-term employees. He remains part of the restructured office.

1995 - 1997  Apartment Building Haldenstrasse - Winterthur
2010 - 2012  Apartment Buildings Weiderrassen - Winterthur
2012 - 2014  Casa da Pégn - Flims