Staufer Hasler - Switzerland

The Frauenfeld based architectural office Staufer Hasler was founded in 1994 bei Astrid Staufer and Thomas Hasler. Both had studied at the ETH Zurich and graduated in 1989.
Through several successful proposals in architectural competitions, the office soon received national recognition. The cantonal school in Wil was the first building by Staufer Hasler,
which was widely published in Switzerland. Their Buildings won several national awards, and in 2015 Astrid Staufer and Thomas Hasler won the Prix Meret Oppenheim, awarded
by the federal office of culture. Both of them are active in the academic field as well. Early in their career, they worked as assistant professors at the ETH Zurich. Later they received
several possibility to teach at various architectural schools in Switzerland

1997 - 2004  Cantonal School - Wil
2002 - 2005  Administration and Media Building Untertor - Chur
2005 - 2012  Federal Administrative Court - St.Gallen