Peter Märkli - Switzerland

While studying architecture at ETH Zurich from 1972 to 1977, Peter Märkli made acquaintance with the architect Rudolf Olgiati and the sculptor Hans Josephsohn.
Rudolf Olgiati strongly influenced the architecture of Peter Märkli, while many bronze sculptures of Hans Josephsohn adorn his buildings. In 1978 Peter Märkli founded
his own office in Zurich, often working together with the architect Gody Kühnis, for who he even designed a house. Peter Märkli became known to a wider public
through the design of the La-Congiunta Museum in Giornico for Josephson. Another of his better-known buildings is an office building for the Novartis Campus in Basel.
His apartment building for the PWG foundation in Zurich received the 2005 award for good buildings in Zurich. From 2003 to 2016 Peter Märkli taught at ETH Zurich.

1982    Two Houses - Trübbach / Azmoos
1983    Single-Family House (Hobi) - Sargans
1986    Apartment Building - Sargans
1988    Apartment Building - Trübbach
1995    Single-Family House (Gantenbein) - Grabs
1997    Single-Family House (Hürzeler) - Erlenbach
2000    Single-Family House (Märkli) - Azmoos
2004    Schoolhous "Im Birch" - Zürich
2005    Apartment Building Hohlstrasse - Zürich
2006    Novartis Campus Visitor Center - Basel
2008    Administrative Building Picassoplatz - Basel
2012    Apartment Building Cooperative "Im Gut" - Zürich
2013    Facade Renovation Commercial Building - Zürich
2014    Hotel Management School Belvoirpark - Zürich
2017    Apartment Building Güetliweg - Zürich-Oerlikon
2019    Apartment Building Manegg (Green City B1N) - Zürich